How To Clean Your Wetsuit - Care, Maintain & Extend The Life Of Your Wetsuit

Easily Clean Your Wetsuit Kit - No More Smelly Gear!

  1. Rinse: Rinse your wetsuit kit with clean water to get rid of sand and dirt.
  2. Submerge: Place the kit in a container or sink, fill it with fresh cold water, and fully submerge the kit.
  3. Add Shampoo: Pour in 50ml of wetsuit shampoo (around 10 capfuls), or just estimate a couple of pours. It's not exact science, so no worries!
  4. Get Kneading: Dunk the kit and knead it for 20-40 seconds, ensuring all parts are soaked.
  5. Let it Soak: Leave the kit submerged for 5-15 minutes (depends on how smelly it is). This lets the good bacteria do their thing in all the nooks and crannies.
  6. Hang to Dry: Afterward, hang the kit to dry out of sunlight, folding it at the waist.
  7. Have Fun Experimenting: Play around with the amount of shampoo and soaking time based on your kit and how dirty it is.

Remember, the active bacteria will continue to work after the first cleaning, keeping your kit odor-free and preserving the neoprene material.

For really smelly and dirty gear, add more shampoo and extend the soaking time.

Pro Tip for Booties: If they're super smelly, use the shampoo solution neat or with a bit of water. Hold the opening, shake, and make sure the solution covers the interior.

Enjoy your fresh and clean gear for your next aquatic adventure!

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