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Eco Wetsuit Shampoo Cleaner & Deodoriser Spray For All Neoprene Kit & Wetsuits Sock Boots (250ml)

Eco Wetsuit Shampoo Cleaner & Deodoriser Spray For All Neoprene Kit & Wetsuits Sock Boots (250ml)

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  • Clean & Deodorise All Neoprene - Wetsuits, Wetsuit Boots, Gloves, Vests, Hoods, Tri Suits, Dry Suits
  • Increase The Lifespan Of Your Wetsuit & Kit - Helping To Retain Flexibility, Stop Cracking & Tearing
  • Removes Damaging Salt, Bacteria, Chlorine & Organic Residues From Neoprene
  • Powerful Deodoriser - Contains Live Cultures That Break Down Odour Producing Bacteria From Your Kit
  • Natural Eucalyptus Oil, Which Smells Great - Is An Effective Natural Cleaning Agent
  • Eco Wetsuit Cleaning Spray - Easy To Use & Safe For You & Your Neoprene Kit
  • Prevents The Break Down Of Glued Seams, Salt Build Up & Erosion In Zips & Seam Tapes
  • Biodegradable Wetsuit Cleaner That Helps To Maintain Performance And Function
  • Re-usable Aluminium Bottle, To Be Refilled & Recycled - Keep With Your Kit For Easy & Quick Clean
  • Designed For All Water Sports - Scuba diving, Paddleboarding, Surfing, Kite surfing, Swimming Etc


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Remove The Stink & Add Years To Your Wetsuit


Coco Loco Eco Wetsuit Shampoo Deodoriser Spray is an easy-to-use safe cleaning solution to help you maintain performance & extend the life of your wetsuit.

This powerful cleaning shampoo works to remove neoprene damaging residues, such as salt, chlorine and organic particles, that if left would build up and degrade your kit.

The added organic live cultures work to breakdown odour producing bacteria, deodorising the smelliest booties, wetsuits & kit! We have also added eucalyptus oil for its powerful natural cleaning properties and its neutral pleasant fragrance.

Our Eco formula is developed to be gentle on you & your wetsuit but effective in in preventing salt build up that corrodes zips, seams, tapes and glue bindings. Helping your wetsuit to be flexible, clean & odour free, whilst preventing cracking & tearing of the fabric.

Wipeout bad smells, save money & the environment by looking after & adding years of life to your expensive wetsuit kit.

Simply spray on after use, leave for a few minutes and then rinse off with fresh water.


1. Rinse your suit & kit with fresh water,
inside & out.

2. Spray Coco Loco Wetsuit Shampoo
to cover all areas of your wetsuit. Turn
the suit inside out & repeat. Use inside
of your boots & kit.

3. Leave for 5-10 min’s for the shampoo
to work its magic, then thoroughly
rinse off with clean fresh water.

4. Hang wetsuit folded at the waistline
inside out, on a line or hanger to dry
away from direct sunlight.

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Mt i d grace

Coco Loco Eco Wetsuit Shampoo Cleaner & Deodoriser (250ml)

Zoe Jones

Excellent product with fast delivery!! Good value for money 😁

Paul Thompson

Works a treat and makes suits and boots smell awesome


Coco Loco Eco Wetsuit Shampoo Cleaner & Deodoriser (250ml)