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awh yeah, nice stuff

Product arrived within a couple of days and has worked effectively on cleaning all my wetsuit gear and getting rid of that shtank

Wetsuit Cleaner

First time purchase of Coco Loco .Did the 3 x bottle deal as more you buy the cheaper it gets .Used a bit too much first time .But it does what it says on the aluminium bottle .Makes your wettie smell fresh and takes the hum out of ya booties. Will deffo replenish my stocks when I need to .

very happy.

very happy, does what it says, used it twice now and will updare again

Better than best known brands

Smells great , works great, much nicer smelling and more effective than the big name stuff I had in the past. This is the only thing so far that has tackled and bannished boot "funk" from my winter boots 👍

Does it job.

Not the biggest but does what it says. My nephew loved it!

Coconut goodness

My suits now smell like coconuts. This is brilliant stuff!

Pefect for Diving Gear/Wetsuits

This is the perfect option for cleaning Wet Suits/neoprme and diving gear. Smells great. Leaves all your gear fresh and smelling great.

Clean Your Kit!

If we use our freshwater rivers, stream, lakes and ponds we MUST Check, Clean and Dry our kit.Open Water Swimming Kit & Equipment: Check, Wash & Dry🚨B I O S E C U R I T Y 🚨How can you help protect our eco-systems.As an open water swimmer, kayaker or Stand Up Paddle Border you can do your bit to help protect the eco-systems in our fresh water ponds, lakes, rivers and streams.You should to ensure that your equipment does not transfer organisms from one water source to another. You can help do that by following these simple guidelines.CHECK, CLEAN & DRY* CHECK your equipment and clothing for live organisms - particularly in areas that are damp or hard to inspect.* CLEAN and wash all equipment, footwear and clothes thoroughly as soon as you exit the water. Use hot water when possible. If you do come across any organisms, leave them at the water body where you found them.* DRY all equipment and clothing - some species can live for many days in moist conditions.

Fantastic eco friendly wetsuit cleaner!

This stuff is absolutely great! Totally eco friendly and no nasty chemicals that will deteriorate your wetsuit. My partner bought four bottles thinking that we would go through it so quickly but the smallest amount goes so far. I wish I'd found that years ago. A much cheaper and eco friendly alternative to the other brands available. Highly recommend.

This is a very good product

This is a very good productwith eucalyptus smell. I add 1-2 screw capsto the water to wash off all my open water neoprene equipment.

Great product

Great product, left suit smelling nice after a good soak. Struggled to get the stink out of my boots ( but I don't think anything could)

Pretty good - Better than some reviews suggested

I bought this to clean a secondhand 5mm full length man's wetsuit I'd acquired.Some of the reviews led me to think I'd need a lot of the shampoo to get a good clean, but filling a large bucket with warm water and adding two capfuls produced a rich lather that lasted far longer than the 5 minutes suggested for soaking the wetsuit.I gave the suit a bit of a rub in the water/cleaner as well as the advised 5 minute soak and it came out smelling great (not that it was exactly rank before), so I'm very pleased with my purchase and I don't think it needed much to get a wetsuit refreshed - I'll do my shorty next.


Hatte einen wirklich muffigen Neo von ner Freundin bekommen für die Kids. Nach einem kurzen Bad alles wie neu. Wirklich klasse. Absolut empfehlenswert!

Restored peace in the household

Purchased by wife to use on my neoprene water sport boots. Seems to have stopped them from smelling so avoiding the arguments about not leaving the boots in the utility room to dry because they stink. Added bonus that my wife now cleans my boots to make sure this product is used. Win, win.

Makes a wetsuit smell clean and fresh

I purchased this shampoo for some much needed cleaning of our wetsuits after a week in Cornwall of use every day we washed the wetsuits in the bath with the shower in cool 1st to remove most of loose sand and sweaty musty nastys and then put around 3-4inchs of water in bath with a good dash of the cleaner to clean 2adult wetsuits and 2 kids wetsuits boots and gloves, gave them all a good swishing around for 10 mins and left to soak for 5 more and then drained bath and hung on hangers don’t rinse out afterwards apparently this is the conditioner to keep the neoprene tip top and smelling fresh ready to go again or store away, we will definitely buy more when we run out

Five Stars

Delivered quickly - excellent product

Seems good product

Good product and seems to leave an ok faint fragrance which is not too strong.

Works great and smells ok

Cleaned my wetsuit very well but didn’t have the herbal smell i expected.

Fantastic to keep wetsuit and boots fresh

Dinghy sailing once a week, paddle boarding as often as I can (sea water)and need my stuff to stay fresh. This is easy to use and a little goes a long way. Smells lovely when soaking my stuff no stinky smell from wetsuit or boots when they are dry. Worthy getting a big bottle if you are in the water a lot or have more than one item to clean regularly.

Works but need to use more than stated

It does the job, it smells nice. However, it's a small bottle and needs more than stated to get the job done.

Performs as well as expected and good value

After a week's surfing in Cornwall and daily rinsing with tap water, we decided to give our wet suits, gloves, and boots a final clean and rinse before storing them away for our next holiday.The Coco Loco Cleaner definitely freshened up all our gear and was sufficient for four people.

works as described

sorted out my stinky wetsuit boots wish it was cheaper

No more smelly Wetties!

As per instructions, I soaked my wettie in Coco Loco for 5 minutes and it came out smelling sweet!It even works on my wettie boots too - and they smelled worse than the wettie before I put it in.So 5* - Good Job!!

Great product

Really good for refreshing your wetsuit.