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Ditch the plastic!

I really like the actual product, BUT - having chosen this brand for its eco credentials, I was very disappointed to find that it arrived packaged in not one but TWO layers of plastic wrap! Come on, guys - really no need for that with all the available alternatives. I would definitely buy again if they sort out the packaging.

Wetsuit cleaner

Have been using for years and really great stuff. Last a long time and really helps extend life of wetsuit. Great putting on a fresh wetsuit each time!

Lovely clean wetsuits

Great product great value.

We liked it so now we sell it!

We use this for our own gear, and now our Epic Kayaks surfski customers have asked us to stock it because we kept raving about it!

Great Wetsuit Shampoo

Lovely fresh smell and does exactly what it should. Arrived quickly and as described

Sweet smelling wetsuit

Great product, does exactly what it promised.

Great Item, quick delivery, superb bottle

The item arrived quickly, my webtsute smells lovely and is ready for packing away and the fact is comes in a metal reusable bottle is outstanding.

Spot on

Does exactly what it claims. Also handy for hand washing my neoprene knee brace. Also used it to gently hand wash my selvedge denim jeans. Great stuff.

Excellent product

I like everything about this product. It is very gentle and cleans all my wet suits really well and the smell is very pleasant. Needless to say I will continue to purchase it. Thank you Coco Loco.


This is expensive for what you get.
Took a few attempts to get it to stick and I don’t know how long it will stay on?

Awesome product

Great product, we use this for our University club to keep our rental wetsuits clean and fresh. This stuff smells amazing! Makes the grind of washing wetsuits after a session that little bit more pleasant.

Best cleaner for Wetsuits

This stuff is just great for getting the stink out of wetsuits, vests and gloves

Wetsuit Shampoo

After using rip curls version for some years .I discovered coco loco .Makes my wetsuit and boots smell nice and fresh and clean again .5ltrs is econical way to buy .Cheers coco loco

Amazing, best I have used.

So I have been buying this for a while now. I surf pretty much daily or I am in the water daily. Use this after each surf in my wetsuit wash box. I leave it to soak for a while. My boats don't smell, wetsuits last way longer as I take care of them and this is part of that routine.

The delivery is always fast, the price is good and so it's the fragrance. But the price is good for the amount I use. I buy the 5ltr.

I do wash my hands after use as I have noticed that my skin becomes a bit dry otherwise. But that's it, it's perfect to be honest.

First Time Users

Nice product - easy to use, quick to clean/ condition the gear and smells fab.

Great product and super fast delivery… buying the large bottle is really good value.

This stuff is great

Great price for 5l of cleaner, which I use most days & makes even my old wetsuit boots smell ok to put on.

amazing product

Just so good, amazing product, super fast delivery.

Excellent product

Great product that genuinely works. East to use. Smells good. Will be buying again eventually but I reckon the 5L container is going to last a long time.

Good value for great clean wetties

Big bottle means I can wash more often so nicer smelling neoprene. Great value for 5l

Wetsuit cleaner

Not yet used it. Efficient service, fast delivery.

Simply great

An easy to use and effective shampoo. Bought the 5L pack to keep topping up my initial bottle. Very economical. Excellent service too.


Absolutely marvellous. Had really stinky boots. 15 minutes in this stuff and the smell is gone. Highly recommend